Robin’s Clients

Robin’s clients are typically between the ages of 18-24, attending the University of Alabama or Shelton State Community College. Therapists who choose to specialize in a specific demographic group are drawn to a group’s experiences, in addition to diagnosis. While Robin is licensed and well-versed in a variety of mental health and family issues, she prefers working with the amazing group commonly referred to as Gen Z.

There are several reasons why college students seek out weekly therapy. Here are some common reasons:

  • Anxiety and/ or depression
  • Adjustments being away from home (formally known as home sickness)
  • Greek issues
  • Dating issues
  • Social Media FOMO issues
  • Family problems that haven’t been properly squared away
  • Unprocessed trauma
  • Self-esteem issues
  • Issues of Identity development
  • LGBQT Issues
  • Roommate issues
  • Friendship issues
  • Parental issues
  • AHAD and planning issues