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– Robin Maddox is a therapist that specializes in many areas, below are a few of them, contact her today.

Anxiety Therapy

The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to chose one thought over another ~ William James

Therapist Anxiety- Therapy with Robin- TuscaloosaIf you are suffering from anxiety, you certainly are not alone. In fact, anxiety is the most common mental health complaint. As many as 40 % people in the US suffer from anxiety. Unfortunately, many people do not recognize the symptoms of anxiety and therefore suffer alone. In fact, anxiety is highly treatable using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, commonly called CBT.

I believe the reason many people have difficulty knowing anxiety is a problem, is because in a perfect world anxiety is not only helpful but necessary. We all worry about things. The body has a natural response to fear and loss. However, when worry takes over everyday thinking and interferes with work, sleep and relationships, it is unhealthy anxiety.

Sometimes anxiety starts as a normal response to stress but hangs around longer than necessary or healthy. Anxiety can run in families like hair color or eye color and can affect very young family members as well as the adults.

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Collegiate Issues Therapy

Being prepared is the enemy of classroom anxiety ~ Robin Maddox

College Issues- Therapy with Robin- TuscaloosaCollege is a time of discovery, learning and growth. For some, the college experience in Tuscaloosa may be the first time they have navigated the world alone. It’s not uncommon for students to go through an adjustment period and some amount of fear, sadness, or ambiguity is to be expected. I see many young people who know there is good reason to reach out for a helping hand. Some students have never been in therapy before, while others are leaving their trusted therapist behind. We can work together to include your therapist at home to develop the most comprehensive plan possible.

Some of the issues we can work on together include:

Student anxiety
Study habits
Roommate issues
Dating/breaking up
Student anxiety
Study habits
Roommate issues
Dating/breaking up
Family issues
LGBT issues
Greek/independent life


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Divorce Issues Therapy

Snow is common but snowflakes are unique. Divorce may be common, but your divorce comes with pain and loss unique to you and your family ~ Robin Maddox

Divorce- Therapy with Robin- TuscaloosaDivorce has become commonplace in our culture. An unfortunate side effect of this fact is when divorce occurs it can feel that you are expected to just shake it off. Divorce might be common, but your divorce is not! It’s personal to you and your family and can be traumatic; therapy can make it less so.

There are two parts to divorce: The legal divorce and the emotional divorce. Every situation is different, and many people are surprised when they are not automatically happy when the legal part is over. Change is hard, even when it’s required. I have come to believe that post-divorce therapy is every bit as important as pre-marital therapy. I have divorcing clients that come for a variety of reasons.

Some of these are:

Co-parenting issues
Communication difficulties
Processing issues
Acceptance issues

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Empowerment Therapy

There are few better things ahead when you decide to leave your junk behind ~ Robin Maddox

Empowerment- Therapy with Robin- TuscaloosaThe opposite of empowered is stuckness. Think about the problem that is bothering you right now. Do you feel empowered or do you feel stuck?
All of us get stuck sometimes. Everyone knows the feeling of not knowing the next step or not wanting to look forward. If these feelings are starting to interfere with your everyday life and relationships, perhaps it’s time to get another perspective. Living in a state of stuckness lowers our ability to make decisions leading to feelings of anxiety, worry, and anger. People get stuck over a variety of decisions, both large and small.

For example, people get stuck making decisions about:

Relationships: Should I stay or should I go?
Careers: Do you have the self confidence to see your own value?
Friendships: Are you hanging on to toxic friendships out of displaced loyalty?
Boundary issues: Do you have the skills to set appropriate boundaries with those you love?
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Family Therapy

There are few better things ahead when you decide to leave your junk behind ~ Robin Maddox

Family- Therapy with Robin- TuscaloosaAs a Marriage and Family Therapist, I very much desire to have as many members of a family come to sessions as possible. However, I encourage individuals, couples and families to come in any configuration possible.

There are many reasons a family may come to therapy. Some of the most common are:

A loss of a mutual loved one
A shared stressor or trauma
A change in the family dynamic
Addiction issues
Anger issues
Sibling issues
Reconfiguration of the family; divorce or blending

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Marriage/ Relationships Therapy

Marriage- Therapy with Robin- TuscaloosaAsk any therapist why therapy doesn’t help save relationships more often and they are likely to say struggling couples need to ask for help earlier and faster. We get so busy with our everyday lives: trust me I completely understand. However, it’s not a good idea to put off getting advice about the most important relationship of your life! How marriage is maintained (or in some cases how it’s ends) affects more than just you and your spouse. We know that the best indicator of how we behave in relationships is how our parents behaved, and by extension how our children will behave in their adult relationships. Healthy relationships are a gift we can give our children that keep giving for generations.

Therapy cannot save a marriage or couple relationship, only the couple can do that. Therapy can help couples work through common marital issues by increasing communication, breaking down barriers, and practicing empathy and understanding. Sometimes couples come to therapy and still decide to end the marriage and work toward a different kind of relationship together. When couples decide to end a marriage it is extremely important to remain civil to one another for the best possible outcomes for any children involved.
I use a combination of Gottman Couples Therapy (GCT) and Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). Both are based on research showing excellent outcomes.

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Parenting/ Co-Parenting Therapy

Parenting- Therapy with Robin- Tuscaloosa

Calming the sibling relationship
Repairing the parent-child relationship
Understanding stages of adolescent human development
Minimize the impact of divorce for children
Checking for alienating behaviors while co-parenting
Effective co-parenting strategies
Parenting Plans

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Trauma Therapy

A crisis is a dangerous opportunity for change ~ William James

Trauma- Therapy with Robin- TuscaloosaSometimes trauma is obvious. People who have survived assault, natural disasters, and death of loved ones generally realize they are in a state of crisis. Sometimes, trauma is more subtle, like a thousand paper cuts, instead of one deep wound. Traumatic stress is caused by locking traumatic memories in the brain, leading to associations with these bad memories. Sometimes traumatic events cause us to believe negative, untrue statements about ourselves. For example, a person who has been physically attacked may come to believe they are not safe in the world. While a person who grew up with over critical, or emotionally abusive parents may come to believe that they are not good enough. Both of these examples are types of trauma.
One of the tools I am trained to use to treat trauma is called EMDR and it stands for eye movement desensitization and reprocessing.

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