Contact Robin

Students wishing to make an appointment or check on availability:

Text me at (205) 454-8508.
Email is

Texting is by far the fastest way, but I do sometimes lose track. If I haven’t answered in 24 hours try again.

If I am completely full I have two kinds of wait list.

  1. The wait list. If you are serious about having a long-term therapist while attending the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa and you want that to be Therapy with Robin, I appreciate your patience! I have long-term students who were on the list for a year before getting a time slot! Sometimes it is only a few weeks. Students graduate every semester and leave therapy for a variety of reasons. A lot depends on the time of year and the student’s schedule. If I only have one slot left and it’s Tue and 1:00, I go to the next student on the wait list who can come at that time. if you have a diagnosed disorder that won’t wait, please don’t get hung up here. You can get on this waitlist and keep looking for a therapist that can meet your need now. Hopefully, you will have matched up very well by the next semester.
  2. The substitute list. This small group is reserved for people who are very flexible, have been in therapy before, and still would like to be seen now and again. The substitute list is clients who have been in weekly, then biweekly therapy with me or someone else, but like to be notified when I have a cancellation. These of course are often last-minute appointments. The substitute list doesn’t help a person get on the wait list faster or gain a permanent spot faster. If you have a current therapist in your hometown and cannot find a regular therapist here due to everyone being full, you can’t get in, you want to wait until I have an opening, or you only want to come once in a while, text me and we can talk about being on this list.