At a time in my life when I needed the most help, Robin was the one who helped me the most. I was struggling with anxiety, self-confidence issues, self-respect issues, and many other negative emotions that were taking over my life in every aspect. Through encouragement from my friends and family, I reached out to Robin for help and advice; it was the best decision I ever made. Robin helped me understand my emotions by diving into my family of origin and helping me realize how my relationships with my family play a role in my life. She helped me build my confidence and work through my anxiety through hypnosis and the encouragement of daily reflection and meditation.Through my work with Robin, I now have the tools to build upon the relationships I already have worked through and any issues that might come my way in a healthy, respectful manner through proper boundaries and communication. I am able to go through my day without constantly second-guessing myself and accomplishing my goals with confidence and courage. Robin’s honesty, sincerity, and education are the reasons I am able to feel like I am myself again.