Marriage/ Relationships

Ask any therapist why therapy doesn’t help save relationships more often and they are likely to say struggling couples need to ask for help earlier and faster. We get so busy with our everyday lives: trust me I completely understand. However, it’s not a good idea to put off getting advice about the most important relationship of your life! How marriage is maintained (or in some cases how it ends) affects more than just you and your spouse. We know that the best indicator of how we behave in relationships is how our parents behaved, and by extension how our children will behave in their adult relationships. Healthy relationships are a gift we can give our children that keep giving for generations.Therapy cannot save a marriage or couple relationship, only the couple can do that. Therapy can help couples work through common marital issues by increasing communication, breaking down barriers, and practicing empathy and understanding. Sometimes couples come to therapy and still decide to end the marriage and work toward a different kind of relationship together. When couples decide to end a marriage it is extremely important to remain civil to one another for the best possible outcomes for any children involved.

I use a combination of Gottman Couples Therapy (GCT) and Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). Both are based on research showing excellent outcomes. You can read about GFT here and EFT here.

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