Therapy conducted by Face Time, phone, or the internet has different names such as e-therapy or tele-therapy. This mode of delivery can be useful under the right circumstances. If you have looked at my website and would like to choose me as your therapist, but don’t live close to Tuscaloosa, perhaps you would like to try one of these avenues. If you live in Alabama, I’m already set up for you. If you live in another state I will be happy to check it out for you and make sure that the licensing board in your state allows E-therapy. Why do people choose to have therapy electronically?

  • Some people are not able to physically come into the office due to a physical impairment.
  • Some people have work schedules that allow therapy to fit in outside normal business hours.
  • The cost is the same
  • It’s very convenient

We know from research that the therapist/client fit is very important. Some studies claim up to 70% of progress is dependent of on therapist/client fit! If you have a good fit with a local therapist by all means take that route. However, if you see something on this site that fits your needs I would be happy to work with you.

Contact Robin to discuss E-therapy