Divorce Issues

Divorce has become commonplace in our culture. An unfortunate side effect of this fact is when divorce occurs it can feel like you are expected to just shake it off. Divorce might be common, but your divorce is not! It’s personal to you and your family and can be traumatic; therapy can make it less so.

There are two parts to divorce: The legal divorce and the emotional divorce. Every situation is different, and many people are surprised when they are not automatically happy when the legal part is over. Change is hard, even when it’s required. I have come to believe that post-divorce therapy is every bit as important as pre-marital therapy. I have divorcing clients that come for a variety of reasons.

Some of these are:

  • Co-parenting issues
  • Communication difficulties
  • Processing issues
  • Acceptance issues
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Snow is common but snowflakes are unique. Divorce may be common, but your divorce comes with pain and loss unique to you and your family.