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Divorce Mediation

There’s a lot of talk about the effects of children living in broken homes I’d rather a child be from a broken home than in one. ~ Dr. Phil

Once a couple has decided to part ways, the divorce can happen through traditional litigation or the couple can decide to consult a mediator. The role of mediation is to provide non-cohabitating couples a more satisfying alternative to litigation, one less likely to affect the adjustment of the spouses or the children adversely. Whereas litigation typically involves two attorneys (both of which must be paid) who are on the side of the person who hired them. A therapeutic mediator is only on the side of compromise.
It is well documented in the research that mediation is a more useful option than protracted litigation and can serve divorcing couples in ways that the adversarial process cannot.

Here are some excellent reasons to choose mediation over litigation. All of these reasons are based on research:

  • Mediation has a more positive effect on spousal relationships
  • I am an expert in human development and will work to increase parents’ understanding of the children’s needs at each age and developmental milestone.
  • Children are positively affected by a cooperative and supportive relationship between partners who are divorcing.
  • Mediation participants are generally more emotionally satisfied than litigation participants
  • While litigation tends to compound adjustment, mediation increases the adjustment process and the long-term welfare of divorcing spouses.
  • While mediation is a compromise, the benefits outweigh the cost.
  • Participants often feel more empowered and self-determined when they have created their own divorce agreement, increasing feelings of fairness.
  • Mediation is much less expensive.
  • Mediation is a much faster process.
  • Mediation can involve comprehensive parenting plans, asset division, child support guidelines, and other items.


Therapy conducted by Face Time, phone, or the internet has different names such as e-therapy or tele-therapy. This mode of delivery can be useful under the right circumstances. If you have looked at my website and would like to choose me as your therapist, but don’t live close to Tuscaloosa, perhaps you would like to try one of these avenues. If you live in Alabama, I’m already set up for you. If you live in another state I will be happy to check it out for you and make sure that the licensing board in your state allows E-therapy. Why do people choose to have therapy electronically? We know from research that the therapist/client fit is very important. Some studies claim up to 70% of progress is dependent of on therapist/client fit! If you have a good fit with a local therapist by all means take that route. However, if you see something on this site that fits your needs I would be happy to work with you.

Here are some excellent reasons to choose E-Therapy:

  • Some people aren’t able to come into the office due to a physical impairment.
  • Some people’s work schedules allow therapy to fit in outside normal business hours.
  • The cost is the same
  • It’s very convenient

Parenting Plans

Sometimes people decide to end relationships when children are involved. Most of the time, but not always the children are biological to the people separating. It is common for this type of arrangement to be because of a divorce, but sometimes the adults have never been married. I strongly recommend people who are going to parent children separately have a parenting plan accepted by the court. I currently serve on a subcommittee of the Standing Family Law Committee of the Alabama Law Institute charged with developing parenting plan choices for non-married or divorcing families in Alabama. Our goal is to help parents plan parenting time with their children that serve the best interest of the children. I believe in the near future it will be required by the court that parents submit a parenting plan when they file for divorce. It has been experience that ex-couples fight about two things: children and money. Neither is necessary. There are excellent reasons for me to help you choose a parenting plan that is right for your family.

It greatly reduces the cost of attorney fees when each person can walk into their attorney’s office with all of the parenting already agreed upon. Trust me; my hourly fee will be less than half what your attorneys will be.

Your children are the most important part of your lives. You know them better than anyone, while I know a great deal about human development and attachment. Why would you leave the most important part of your lives up to total strangers to make decisions for your family?
You will have to compromise some, but as long as you and your ex keep the best interest of the children as priority things generally work out fine.
There are many things in the parenting plans I use that you may not think of while determining your schedule with the children. I am trained to think of those things for you.
Doing this small amount of work on the front side will save you plenty of angst on the back side.

Public Speaking

I love to talk! I love to talk about all kinds of things you can read about on this site. I also love to grow my business. A great way to do that is speaking to groups about things I know about and things they are interested in. If you are in need of a speaker connected to living a better more fulfilled life, contact me and let’s see what we can do together. The more you know, the more you grow!

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